Q - Quality

The quality of data separates the ability to gain market share.  By diving deep into the make-up of a customer and focusing on what answers a dealership seeks - the questions tend to form themselves.  Too many companies focus on the questions, the answers wanted need to be the main focus.  You start with what answers you want, bring all of that wanted information together and the questions will start forming themselves.  This method will increase quality and 1 question will tend to give many wanted answers.  


Automotive Customer Segmentation


The depth of forming an automotive survey question


Automotive Question Types

Market Findings has the ability to offer over 30 different question types, it all depends on the answers wanted.

Why is NPS (net promoter score) important?  It gives you a clear view of perception.


Having the ability to format great questions is not enough, the survey must also be a journey.  The format must go in a logical order.  When asking a customer to recall their journey, the responses have higher value when they can do it in a timeline order and you need to have the ability to skip questions that do not pertain to them - don't disrupt the flow.

Survey Flow


Q2 - Quantity


Program to enhance quantity and promote customer service