In case you missed it, I analyzed Vroom's current website a couple weeks ago.  You can view that here --> Vroom Website Analysis  

Somebody has to jump into the pool first and Vroom stepped up.  Being the pioneer is significant, being the game changer is paramount for survival with this type of technology.  This is the future of the internet.  I'm 43 years old and firmly believe that when I have grandchildren, the only contact they will have with a computer will be in a museum.  The future of the internet will be two significant layers, block-chain for transactions and virtual reality for user experience.  Reality will be no more, it will be blended with virtual reality. 

Vroom staying in the forefront of this technology is going to be tough because of breakthrough technologies.  Not for the technologies themselves, but the speed at which these breakthroughs happen.  The gap between game-changing advances keeps shrinking and shrinking.  Once you make that commitment to take a direction, it's hard to re-adjust and easy for the 2nd comer to learn from your mistakes.

Right now, Vroom has a couple of locations people can visit to experience this new technology.  At this point in time right now, the ability to virtually test-drive 10 cars within 10 minutes is a pretty inspiring advancement.  The feel isn't going to be 100% there, but it will come in time.  The amount of inventory you're able to test-drive now is limited but will grow.  Right now it is an experience, but Vroom hopes to evolve this into a "transacting" technology for shoppers within 12 months.  Technology is FAST.  It looks as if Vroom is putting all of their chips in, betting that in the future the showroom will be located in the living room.  

If dealers don't keep an eye on this, it will sneak up and pass you by.