It's funny now, but at the time I was in complete shock.  My life is data, sometimes I get to do phone interviews with automotive customers to acquire that data.  Up to this point, all interviews have gone pretty smooth; actually REALLY smooth.  I was definitely excited for this particular call because "John" gave so much valuable data on his survey.  After a customer takes one of our online surveys, they are then asked if they would take part in a phone interview, John said yes.  John was very detailed on the open-ended questions on the survey and maximized all of the questions (the survey wraps around your journey - John had a long customer journey, so the survey expanded due to his answers).  When we get a survey back, the highest level we rate the quality of data is 5 stars - John was a 6.

Here is a brief example of what we're getting from a 5 star survey:

DISCLAIMER:  this is from memory, I have left out the boring parts but the words below are his.  If you are easily offended by language, DON'T READ any further.  I have abbreviated the explicit words.

As soon as I get John on the phone, he interrupts my introduction with "I'm never buying a f'kn car again.  You hear me, never a f'kn again".  I then clarify who I am and what I'm doing, but he starts back in "you guys are so f'kn lazy, why can't you make this sh%$ easy!!!  If I did it tomorrow I could probably do it in an hour, but that's after I ALREADY MADE ALL THE F'KN MISTAKES!!!"

Thought this was a good transition time and I said; "that's exactly why ABC Motors is conducting this study, to find out from you how they can make the process easier".  That only got him more fired up - "BULLSH%$, YOU JUST WANT TO SELL ME THAT F'KN EXTENDED WARRANTY I SAID NO TO 5 MILLION F'KN TIMES ALREADY";  I again clarified who I was and what I do.

He then turns the tables and starts to ask me questions.
John - "You ever bartended before?"
Me - "No"
John - "If I had you bartend at my bar Friday night, could you?"
Me - "Not up to any reasonable standards"
John - "You familiar with bars and what we do?"
Me - "Yes"
John - "Why couldn't you do it?  Everything is right there"
Me - "I don't know where everything is at or how to make most drinks"
John - "We have a book.  You have eyes."
Me - "It would take me forever"
John - "You're a real F'KN Einstein"
John - "Ask your questions"
Me - "Are you happy with your car purchase?"
John - "Yes"
Me - "In your survey, you rated the dealership experience a 9.  What held you back from rating it a 10?"
John - "I had to wait, I had to wait to give them my F'KN money."
Me - "You said earlier that things would be different if you had to shop tomorrow, what was the biggest frustration when you were shopping?"
John - "Not knowing the lay of the F'KN land!"


John hung up.  My take away is that "time" leads to frustration with John.  My favorite phone interview to date is John.