Beepi is headquartered in Los Altos, California and was established in 2013.  5 rounds of funding totaling $150M, Beepi has put together an automotive website strategy that I think warrants a deep look and concern for auto dealerships.  


The marketing of Beepi aim’s directly at the evolution of the car buying/selling process. Or the hope that there will be a change in process (quickly).  Beepi is a peer-to-peer marketplace with guarantees.

Let's dissect Beepi's website

Above the fold - homepage

Beepi's homepage starts off with great spacing centered around their marketing message, a brief video and clear direction to either buy or sell a car.  I love the link at the top for "Top 5 Questions".  The video is short and pretty powerful for someone considering this process.  I have embedded the video down below the website pic.

Video on Beepi's homepage - above the fold.


If you hover over the blue circle that is labeled "Buy", the website automatically slides to the right and highlights points of interests.  They are addressing important points of their process before you even start the process.  I love the concept and I love how they used technology in the website to accomplish this.  GREAT feature.

Same thing happens when you hover over the green circle that is labeled "Sell".


As you travel down Beepi's homepage.

Building credibility and relieving shopper anxiety!!!!  Beepi accomplishes this in a minimalist way and still gets their points across.  Mission accomplished so far.  The pics link to pages that we'll cover later.


Bottom of Beepi's homepage.

Again, working on shopper anxiety. Beepi has customer photos with written testimonials shuffling through a slideshow.  If you click the "Read More" tab, it takes you to a page of testimonials. 


Beepi's "Sell" Page

When you navigate to the "SELL" page, this is where I think things get interesting.  Here are the steps as I understand them - 1) Get an offer on your car  2) Inspector comes and looks at the car  3) Inspection is either passed or failed  4) If you pass, your car is listed on Beepi and is guaranteed to sell in 30 days  5)  If not, Beepi buys the car

The big downfall that I see with this business model, if you are looking to sell your car and buy a car, they're 2 different transactions.  Not sure how many people can do this and are patient enough to do this.  I love the FAQ section, they are talking to their customers and finding out the anxiety points. 


Beepi's "Buy" Page

Beepi's car search page is aesthetically great on the eyes.  I love the gallery layout and when you hover over a car it gives you additional features of the car.  The top of the page is centered around a link labeled "Learn More".  Before we click on that, I'm going to click on the filters tab to see what type of search options are available.


Filter Tab

Beepi's search filters are by far the best I've seen in automotive.  It could be opened up a bit more concerning under the hood, but the layout and sliders put it past anything I can recollect.  Great, great job.

"Learn More" about the buying process link

When you click on the "Learn More" link at the top of the car search page, a pop up appears addressing reasons this process is better.  Strong selling points, but they still have to address the "2 transactions problem".


Vehicle Description Page

Beepi's VDP gets an A+.  One of the most important things, IMO, is spacing.  The spacing is perfect, customers get overwhelmed with so much info crammed together on dealer websites, I hear about it often (customers get confused and frustrated).  Beepi lays it out in a smooth path giving the customer almost everything.  At the top, you can scroll through the photos, see how many people have looked at the car, estimated car payment and 360* photo's of the exterior and interior.  The description cuts to the selling points that people shopping for this type of car are interested in and all options listed in a collapsible view.  NOTE***  capturing this page caused some errors in the pic - some distortion on the left side and it kept re-creating the "Checkout" section, it only appears once on the actual page.


Financing Page

Beepi's financing page is OK.  It says they'll shop the rate around and they do lay out the process.  It is underwhelming, SELL ME...  


Beepi Leasing Page

The leasing page is a dud.  How is this a completely new way to lease a car?  It says you can trade in your car for this process - expand on that.  This page raises more questions than it answers.  (but it looks great)


Beepi's FAQ Page

This page is a grand slam for me.  I think all dealers should move to a "process oriented" experience on their website, usher the shopper into YOUR experience.  Providing a FAQ page works on relieving the shopper anxiety to enter the process.


Inspection Process Page

FINALLY, someone lays out their inspection checklist.  It's done in an easy to follow way that anybody can comprehend.  Great page of necessary information.


Testimonial Page

In this day and age, I believe it is now necessary to have a page dedicated to testimonials.  In our research, 27.5% of consumers cite Friends, Family and Reviews as the Number 1 reason for picking a dealership.  That's a number I would be determined to raise if I was a dealer.  I took a small sampling of the page, it goes on forever with testimonials - Relieving Shopper Anxiety!! 

Positive takeaways for Beepi


FAQ Page

Testimonial Page

Website functionality above the fold on the homepage.  (when the site expands to the left and right)

Messaging was great

Car search page - gallery format, filter tab was incredible.




Negative Takeaways for beepi

Business Model.  I don't like the 2 transactions, don't see how you overcome that and sustain long-term.